Why Choose Us?

Xplosive Art is a leader in the pyrotechnics industry and we are very passionate about enhancing our clients events. As our name suggests we are Artists in our own right and the night sky is our canvas. Our fireworks display can add that sparkle, to your special event or product launch, and make it a night to remember.


Our thirst for knowledge has resulted in a search to discover new products and techniques including trips to Europe and the US e.g. Winter Blast Fireworks Convention in the United States and the International Fireworks Symposium in Europe. Xplosive Art will continue to be at the forefront of this exciting and exhilarating form of entertainment.

Quality of Product

Our products are sourced from the best factories in the world. All products are subjected to a strict  testing regime and superior quality control.We are continually investing in the development of new fireworks product and computer firing systems.

Creative Choreography

Our computer firing systems and software are world class, this enables us to take a clients brief and provide fully choreographed pyromusicals. Emotionally evocative music tantalises the senses and colour selection creates the mood. Colour without realising it can have a profound effect on how we feel both mentally and physically.For example red is the warmest and most energetic colour in the spectrum. Red can raise the blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. We use this knowledge to build the display into creative ‘scenes’ enhanced by multi firing techniques.

Exceptional Bangs for your Buck!!!

Our reputation has been built on providing creative and value for money shows. We source our products direct in large quantities which enables us to pass on the savings to our clients. Effective use of management systems ensures labour efficiency reducing overall costs.

Safety Management Systems

We pride ourselves on having an impeccable safety record.

We operate under the strict operational procedures set out in our Safety Management System (SMS version 5) and applicable government regulations. Our Safety Management System is regularly audited  and updated.

Experienced and Passionate Team

Our pyrotechnicians are highly trained with a real passion for their industry. They collectively have over 50 years experience, New product, safety and creative elements of our industry acquired at both interstate and overseas conferences are shared with all of our staff in regular training sessions. They are also required under our Safety Management Systems to continually undergo refresher training. In addition, as members of several fireworks associations we receive invaluable training and informative newsletters