Terms and Govt. Regs.



If the Cancellation Date is more than 90 days before the commencement date, the cancellation fee applicable is 50% of the total fee. If the Cancellation Date is less than 90 days before the commencement date, the cancellation fee applicable is 100% of the total fee. If the Cancellation is due to bad weather, we will attempt to reschedule the display. Extra labour costs may be applicable

A special Note to Event Managers

It is a requirement of explosives legislation that I must advise you that a fireworks display must comply with the safety requirements for the fireworks display and you would be committing an offence if you allowed a fireworks display to be staged knowing that it did not comply with the safety requirements.

Fireworks Event Organisers responsibilities are:

To confirm that the fireworks contractor has properly notified all relevant authorities about the display prior to the display. Notifying the local community of the display as required. Obtaining approval from the owner or agent for the land on which the fireworks display is to be held. Selecting a safe and suitable site for the fireworks display relevant to the types of fireworks to be included in the display. Ensuring that the security measures (including crowd control measures) for the fireworks display are adequate and that spectators are aware of those requirements. Ensuring that the fireworks contractor has met their duty of care obligations by having a health and safety management system in place (including personal protective equipment for the fireworks operator and the fireworks operator’s assistant(s), such as head, ear, eye and face protection, cotton clothing and enclosed footwear). Providing the appropriate emergency planning (e.g. first aid, fire extinguishers, and ready access (entry to and exit from the site). Ensuring there is appropriate insurance coverage for the fireworks display. Selecting a suitably authorised fireworks contractor who provides an appropriately authorised fireworks operator for the fireworks display. Providing sufficient time for the fireworks operator to safely set-up the fireworks display and clean up after the display. Responding appropriately to changing conditions during the fireworks display (e.g. stopping the display if the fireworks operator demands it or if the conditions are unsafe, such as unsuitable weather conditions for clearance distances or the failure of the spectators to follow directions). We reserve the right to withdraw our Services if yours or a third party’s plans are altered or the operating environment changes to such an extent as to breach our policies regarding safe work practices for our employees or any applicable Occupational Health & Safety Standards (OHS). You are solely responsible for compliance with all OHS and other statutory requirements at your event.


Any payments received deems the client has read all Govt. Regulations and accepts our terms and conditions